Essential oil aromatherapy blends with sacral chakra power

[al·che·my] a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Essential oil aromatherapy products

My passion with the Blossom Bar is to help women reconnect with the source of their feminine power, wisdom, and joy through the gentle, sensual alchemy of essential oils and aromatherapy. I create custom, high-vibration, aromatic fragrances using the most authentic essential oils coupled with flower essences to create harmonious transformational support. The aromatherapy blends I create are also infused with the power of the lunar cycle, numerology, and the chakra energy centers.

Read more about my prepared aromatherapy blends to combat daily stress and a 911 Essentials Emergency Tool Kit to support your overall health – all favorites with my clients. You can also find out more about working with me, Dori Eldridge, on your own custom aromatherapy blend or get pampered with an essential oil-infused reflexology session.

Power in every aromatherapy blend

It’s not just the quality of the essential oils or the depth of my experience that give my aromatherapy blends their effectiveness. I bring my intuition, creativity, and study of many other healing modalities to each blend I create. One of the most powerful aspects of my essential oil blends comes from my process of connecting to the aspect of God called the Divine Feminine as I work.

The second chakra (Svadhishthana) is located in the pelvic region, below the naval. It is the seat of feminine power. It is the center of our emotional, creative, and sensual energies. The symbol of this chakra is shown to the left, and the power of the second chakra is the thread that ties together every Blossom Bar blend or creative output.

For many years the concept of a powerful feminine force, the Divine Feminine, has shown itself (herself, more like) in my life. It started with reading Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd, whose story of her journey from Christian pastor’s wife to deep immersion in the sacredness of the Feminine spirit, uncovered my own deeply buried truth.

We live in a time of great power and potential. The time for understanding, exploring, and embracing the Divine Feminine inside us is now. She is there throughout time in the myths and spiritual traditions of the Goddesses and Holy Spirit. Wisdom, intuition, understanding, compassion, fertility, ascension, balance, healing, creativity… all describe aspects of the Divine Feminine. Doesn’t that sound like exactly what the world needs? Perhaps what you need?

Essential oil aromatherapy blends to meet your specific needs

We offer aromatherapy blends that address various and common “modern world” issues, and specialize in custom essential oil blends using the most authentic and responsibly-sourced essential oils. We are always eager to create a blend specially for YOU. Contact us for more information on adding the beauty of fragrance to your wellness toolbox. We’d love to hear from you!

“Dori is a gifted aromatherapist. Her essential oil blends have helped me to experience calm when I need, they’ve helped me with focus and mental clarity. Her custom blends for me are always effective and the fragrances alone make me happy.”

T.B., Kansas