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Even our best days can be interrupted by stress, energy dips, and anxiety. When these inevitable situations try to yuck your yum, reach for an aromatherapy spray that will help you get your day and self back on track. If you have an everyday (or occasional) roadblock that you face that falls outside of what you see here, please contact us about creating a custom blend just for you. Creating custom healing blends is our specialty. Read more about our other aromatherapy products.

Featured Aromatherapy Aromatic Mists

The aromatic mists we have created to address these “everyday life” issues are called Peace, Calm, and Energy.

Peace is a personal favorite of mine, and I wear it as a fragrance every day. It’s grounding energy and woody notes keep my spirit centered and, well, peaceful. The blend works before bedtime to relax the body and mind. It is designed for use at anytime your spirit or atmosphere around you need a push toward quiet and harmony.

In support of achieving peace of mind and body, this essential oil blend contains a flower essence blend called “Grace-Filled Serenity.” The flower essences in the blend work with the essential oils to help you reach and maintain a flow of peacefulness.

Essential oil fragrance notes in Peace: Citrus, floral, herbal, wood.
2 oz. aromatic spray $24

We designed Calm to address the everyday stresses that come at you from all sides. Essential oils that calm the nervous system and bring about uplifted feelings of contentment and joy work synergistically in this blend. To augment the power of the essential oils, Calm also features a flower essence blend called “Emotional Stability,” which calms turbulent emotional states and helps bring about a peaceful spirit.

Essential oil fragrance notes in Calm: floral, citrus, wood.
2 oz. aromatic spray $24

The idea for Energy came about by my own energy dip in the afternoons, and by focus issues that plague me throughout the day. This aromatic mist is designed to increase the ability to focus on the task at hand, clear mental chatter, and lift the spirit. Essential oils for mental focus and clear thinking work with a flower essence blend called “Pick Me Up” powerfully to encourage an energetic clarity.

Essential oil fragrance notes in Energy: Wood, mint, floral.
2 oz. aromatic spray $24

To order any of the blends please submit a contact form with your name, email address, and the name of the blend you’d like to purchase. I’ll reply back personally with payment instructions via PayPal. Shipping will be added and will vary depending on your location.

Get your very own custom aromatherapy blend created by clinical aromatherapist Dori Eldridge. Read more about ways to work with her.