Liquid Boost

Energy, Positivity, and Confidence

In case you don’t have (or don’t want) a group of perky cheerleaders following you around all day, exclaiming your many virtues and building pyramids in your honor, this blend can pick you up, dust you off, and give you a friendly, sportsman-like pat on the bottom for good measure. The essential oils in this blend help revitalize your mind and body, and lift your spirits. This blend says “You look great in those jeans!”

Comes as a 2-ounce spray for $18. Can also be made with a lotion base or nourishing oil base – contact me for more info and pricing for that.

About the blend:

  • Nutmeg assists with anxiety, circulation, and nervous fatigue. Invigorating and stimulating.
  • Petitgrain assists with mental fatigue, stability, memory, and burnout. Sedating and harmonizing.
  • Cedarwood assists with achieving spiritual balance and connectivity, focus, confidence, and nervous tension.
  • Grapefruit assists with digestion, muscle fatigue, depression, anger, and confusion.