The Blossom Bar aromatherapy products

The alchemy of love creates, and connects us to, beauty.

Creative expression is integral to our wholeness. It’s not the luxury of the few but an instinctual need in all. As we seek to become more healthy and whole, to live more vibrantly, creative expression can be a powerful means of remembering and rediscovering who we are, what brings us joy, and how reconnecting with love can transform our lives personally and collectively.

Our mission at the Blossom Bar is to provide women support in their pursuit of this love-connected life through the alchemy of essential oils and aromatherapy products.

Leaping Llama Gallery display of Blossom Bar blends

Essential oils blends crafted with care

Our aromatherapy blends address your healing while delighting your senses.  Read more


About the Blossom Bar

Our passion at the Blossom Bar is to help women reconnect with the source of their feminine power, wisdom, and joy through the gentle, sensual alchemy of essential oils. Read more

Home remedies for battling mosquito bites

Mosquitoes! Those vampiric little demons, sucking out our life blood and replacing it with itchiness, welts, and about a thousand other plagues, have ruined my ability to go into my backyard from May through October. Who cares if you have cool names like “Asian Tiger” and “Cattail,” mosquito? You make puppies sick! You kill around one million people EVERY YEAR! You’re just no good.

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