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Gentle Healing Through the Alchemy of Essential Oils

The alchemy of love creates, and connects us to, beauty.

And like love, creative expression is integral to our wholeness, our deepest humanity and a connection to Divinity. As we seek to become more healthy and whole, to live more vibrantly, creative expression can be a powerful means of remembering and rediscovering who we are, what brings us joy, and how reconnecting with love can transform our lives personally and collectively.

In my personal story of reconnection to beauty, aromatherapy and the transporting beauty of fragrance were the catalysts for reclaiming my life and happiness, and opening my heart to love.

Our mission at the Blossom Bar is to provide women support in their pursuit of this love-connected life through the alchemy of essential oils and aromatherapy products.

Custom Natural Perfumes

Aromatherapy-based fragrances with a healing aspect

Fragrance evokes memories of loves, places, and celebrations. Its ability to transport us across time makes it our most powerful ally in keeping our fondest memories close to us. The scents we wear, and those worn by the people near to our hearts, become unfailing anchors in our subconscious.

Imagine having a unique fragrance, one designed for your specific tastes and personal style. A fragrance that comfortably creates intimacy around you, draws your loved ones closer, creates its own magic, and gently supports your healing.

I offer one-on-one sessions where we explore your unique needs and develop a fragrance just for you. Gift yourself or a loved one with a unique fragrance that captures your spirit or anchors you to a special life event.

Private sessions start at $125. Contact me for more details.

natural fragrance perfume oils

Spice, Song of Songs, and Eden perfume oils were designed to draw your loved ones closer to you during the fall and winter months. They encourage intimacy, calm the mind and spirit, and lighten the heart. Jojoba and pomegranate seed oils were used as a base to nourish the skin and allow the healing properties of the essential oils to do their magic. The highest grade, purest essential oils raise these perfume oils to artistic heights.

Spice evokes sensuality with notes of amber, cinnamon, and vanilla.
Song of Songs was inspired by the Bible book of the same name, with notes of treasured spikenard, myrrh, and cedar.
Eden is a spicy floral blend with jasmine, mandarin, and lavender in the forefront.

Perfume oils are $24 for 3ml roller bottle

Leaping Llama Gallery display of Blossom Bar blends

Essential oils blends crafted with care

Our aromatherapy blends address your healing while delighting your senses.  Read more


About the Blossom Bar

Our passion at the Blossom Bar is to help women reconnect with the source of their feminine power, wisdom, and joy through the gentle, sensual alchemy of essential oils. Read more

Blending Musically

Blending Musically

I struggle mightily with expressing my vision and approach to healing work in a way that adequately represents it. To me, essential oils are the essence of Nature’s beauty and spirit, and deeply associated with God’s love and care for us. My healing work with essential oils comes through me, from a place both inside and outside myself. read more…