Price List for 2020 Aromatherapy Services

Aromatherapy price list for 2020

Price listthe blossom bar aromatherapy price list 2020 for 2020 follows. I’d love to work with you to create an experience for yourself and/or others that will support love, creation, and beauty, and act as an anchor to a memorable event or experience. Book your private aromatherapy consult by contacting me via the website or emailing me directly.

Looking for a way to make your upcoming meeting or event (virtual too!) even more memorable? Have a signature scent created that supports well-being, that will forever evoke happy memories in the minds and hearts of the attendees and support their continued growth from the event.

Aromatherapy services and products

Private aromatherapy consult and blend: $198 + shipping where applicable
One hour private consult via video conference and one aromatherapy blend created to support you.

Specialty aromatherapy blends: $65 + shipping where applicable
Send me an email describing what the blend is for and who will be using it, then I create an aromatherapy blend to support healing or the highest good in the situation. 

Favorite aromatherapy blends: $24 + shipping where applicable
Pre-made favorites available for common health, life, and emotional support.

Scents for Events: Proprietary signature scent aromatherapy recipe development for event or location: starting at $1,000
Resulting essential oil and flower essences blends offered at wholesale pricing; cost of blends dependent on materials. Blends can have custom labels for your event. You own the recipe and it is unique to you and your event. This service is designed for retreat leaders, group facilitators, authors, spa owners, and anyone who wishes to create a beautiful and memorable experience for others. Read more about custom aromatherapy blends for events.

Let’s talk!

I’d love to hear more about your needs. Please contact me today to find out more about how my work can support you in creating a life, event, or experience you and others will love and remember.

NOTE: All prices subject to change depending on fluctuations in cost of materials.