At long last, my Best of 2008 mix is all packaged up, addressed, and waiting to be mailed to those who requested one. I figure at my current rate of Accomplishment of Tasks, where x=things to do and y=hours in day, the mixes will make it to the post office in about 4 days. Oh, wait. Read the graph wrong. Make that 40 days.

I ended up with two versions of the mix, the original (v1) and the revision I made out of guilt (v2). The difference is one track: Stay Positive by The Hold Steady. As some of you know (Andy), I initially took Stay Positive off my mix because I couldn’t get the flow right, and that track was deemed the culprit. My mind was changed after reading Andy’s blog, and the reasoning behind his choice of Stay Positive as Album of the Year. I realized my embarrassing oversight and shoved it back into my mix in what I hope is an aurally pleasing place. You be the judge.

My Best of 2008 mix, as follows:

Bodysnatchers | In Rainbows | Radiohead – Let’s face it: Thom Yorke & Co could put out an album of arm farts and feedback (along the lines of Hail to the Thief pretty much) and I’d put a track from it on my Best Of list. Nothing that drastic is needed here, though. Love the whole album.

With a Heavy Heart (I Regret to Inform You) | You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into | Does It Offend You, Yeah? – First off, love the name of the band and album. This song is one of my most effective Mood Improvers, and perfectly danceable.

60 Revolutions | Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike | Gogol Bordello – Straight from the Lower East Side via eastern Europe. Technically, this song is from 2005, but it’s what I was listening to as 2007 became 2008 so it’s getting in via a loophole. This is the best live band I have EVER seen. Go now. Drop everything and see them live. Why are you still here? GO!

D Is For Dangerous | Favorite Worst Nightmare | Arctic Monkeys – OK, so another one I’m letting in from another year (2007). I’m a rule breaker, what can I say. I first heard this in 2008 and fell in love with Arctic Monkeys. These guys have brought me through some tough times on the elliptical machine.

A-Punk | Vampire Weekend | Vampire Weekend – Love!! Another New York band. My pick for album of the year, and A-Punk is one of the tracks I love the most. Can’t wait to hear another album from these guys.

American Boy (feat. Kanye West) | Shine | Estelle – Classy, soulful Estelle slumming with Kanye. Great song.

Foundations | Made of Bricks | Kate Nash – This woman is so funny, so clever, great voice, cute pop-y little tunes. It was hard to pick only one track for my Best Of since this album is pretty much all I listened to for months.

Don’t Let Go | All Good Things | Pacha Massive – New York in da house again, this time straight outta da Bronx. A latino flavor, fabulous hook – this is my fave off the album.

Unstoppable | Santogold | Santogold – Again, out of New York. I do like me some NYC music. This chick is awesome – the whole album. I can only listen to it so many times in a row, but how often do you really do that? I mean, if you’re NOT me.

Summertime | Kismet | Jesca Hoop – Beautiful album. One of my favorite songs of all time.

Teardrop | In Our Nature | Jose Gonzalez – A gorgeous cover of a tremendously awesome Massive Attack song. Jose Gonzalez is dreamy.

Skinny Love | For Emma, Forever Ago | Bon Iver – Ahhhh, this song. Powerful. Gorgeous. The album is exceptional, and this song is its pain-crusted jewel.

No One’s Gonna Love You | Cease to Begin | Band of Horses – Another gem. Really, really good album, perfect for a Sunday morning.

Stay Positive | Stay Positive | The Hold Steady – Back in the mix. This album is on the top of a LOT of music lovers’ Best Of list, including mine.

Dig, Lazarus, Dig! | Dig, Lazarus, Dig! | Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – “Larry made his nest up in the autumn branches / built from nothing but high hopes and thin air”. The album is full of observant, pithy lyrics – typical Nick Cave.

Jockin’ Jay-Z | The Blueprint 3 | Jay-Z – Love Jay-Z. This song is fabulous. The highlight of my year was hearing Catie’s sweet little 5-yr-old voice from the backseat, singing along: “I’m so dope-boy fresh!”

Cookie Jar (feat. The Dream) | The Quilt | Gym Class Heroes – a lot of funky fun.


  1. I already have v1, right?

  2. Do you know how much I can’t wait for this to arrive? Well, evidently so much that I’ve tossed all care for fluid sentence structure to the winds. I other words – WAY MUCH.

    This is going to be the longest 40 days in history. Well, maybe except for that time it rained incessantly.

  3. Got it today. Take off points for overlap from 07 but you’re a rule breaker. About half I’ve heard and approve (even if Vampire Weekend is overrated) About half I never heard before but can’t wait. In the meantime, I pulled up Jesca Hoop on Hype and was blown away – its the reincarnation of Kristy MacColl, one of my alltime favorites and dearly missed. High hoped for the rest.

  4. SQUEE!!! Got it today, and am ripping to iTunes now. I shall then retire to bed (while DH watches the Basketball Tournament) with a cup of [s]tea[/s]rum, jammies and headphones to revel in it’s lovely kick-assedness. Thank you TONS!

    And…omg. I just read the Jessica Hoop/Kirsty MacColl comment, and I’m SO psyched. Kristy was phenomenal – if Jess is in the same ballpark even, I’ll be thrilled.

    Can’t wait!

  5. Thrilled with the feedback so far. Really looking forward to hearing the final verdicts…

    I’d love to wrap Jesca’s voice around myself and float away.


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