Scents for Events – Custom aromatherapy blends for your event

All-natural signature scents that create a sensory memory while supporting well-being

custom aromatherapy for eventscustom aromatherapy blends for events

As a retreat or event planner you crave the ability to give your guests a memorable experience…one they can return to in their minds over and over again. 


What if you could…

  • Create a sensory memory that could transport them back in time to their experience with you.
  • Offer them a takeaway that could provide transformation even after you’ve parted ways.
  • Stake a claim in their hearts and minds with a gift of well-being they will use everyday.
  • And what if you could provide a means of connection for your community that works as well for virtual events as in-person ones.

A signature event scent made of pure essential oils and flower essences can help you do just that…

Remember a time you passed someone wearing the same perfume as your grade school teacher, or whose blazer has the same tobacco smell as your grandfather, and you were immediately transported, your memory triggered as you were pulled back in time.

Now imagine that same experience, except it’s your guests or clients being pulled back to you and your event. These sensory memories are what I help event organizers and retreat leaders create.

Olfactory calling cards

I call these event community-building aromatherapy blends “olfactory calling cards” because of the powerful way scent acts as an anchor for our memory. We are hard-wired to respond to scent, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Scent is primal.

And not just any scent will do, if your goal is to bring an emotional, physical, or mental shift to your surroundings and the people in them. Using authentic and pure essential oils and flower essences, coupled with the in-depth research and knowledge of aromatherapy, provides the crucial element that synthetic sprays and perfumes can’t – the ability to impact the physiology of the body.

As an event organizer or retreat leader you want most of all to create a truly memorable experience for your participants, one that impacts them in the moment and stays with them once they leave, or across the internet when the event is virtual.

A signature scent using authentic essential oils and flower essences gives your participants a sensory memory that can bring them back to the event at any time, and remind them of the transformational experience they had at your event. Even better: each blend I create supports a gentle improvement of well-being, based on what your audience needs and the transformation you wish to evoke.

Encourage reconnection with your message

Have confidence that you will continue to impact the lives of your clients or guests once you are no longer physically in their presence. Your guests will use the signature scent during the event, anchoring the fragrance to their experience. Once home, applying it can encourage repeat business as they reconnect with your message each time they use the blend.

Give your guests a meaningful, special, and truly unique reminder of your event with an all-natural, custom aromatherapy blend crafted to support your vision and mission.

Virtual event? Let’s go! We can create a wonderfully targeted, all-natural fragrance that will bring your community together when the event is online.

Get a Signature Scent for Your Next Event!

I’d love to hear more about your event and what you hope for your guests. Let’s create something memorable and magical that will stay with them long after the event is over.

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Who are these for?

This is for you if you’re a: 

  • Event or Retreat Planner: retreat leaders and event planners can create a unique fragrance for their event that supports the transformation they hope for their clients while also gently encouraging a healing response in the body.
  • Corporate Meeting Planner: give employees and teams a gift that supports your company goals and mission and also helps them be their best. Makes a great year-end gift for clients, as well!
  • Birthday, Life Event, Bat Mitzvah Party Planner: have a fragrance created that the guest of honor loves, with properties that support well-being for the recipients.

Popular well-being effects include focus, peace, calm, energy, love, and confidence. Whatever your desired transformation or support is can be integrated into your signature scent.

I’m soooo excited about this blend!!  It seems to take me back to a different lifetime with its exotic smell and I think it’s just fabulous!! I immediately resonated with it as soon as I smelled it, so thank you for going back to the drawing board to create the perfect blend!! I really appreciate your efforts on this. Looking forward to continued partnership with you!

E.C., Holistic Center Owner

I love Blossom Bar aromatherapy products for myself and to give as a gift for their healing properties and because they always smell beautiful!

M.B., Business Owner

What you get

  • Creative briefing to discuss your vision for the event, its mission, and what transformation you hope will occur for your guests. You will be guided in scent family options and well-being affects of essential oils and flower essences.
  • Collaboration on the development of recipe for unique, bespoke aromatherapy blend using essential oils and flower essences of the highest authenticity and purity. You own the recipe, and it will be a one-of-a-kind.
  • In-depth research and formulation of recipe using my 20+ years of experience and intimate knowledge of essential oils and flower essences. I call what I do intuitive blending, as I look beyond the obvious and tap into what’s between the lines and into deeper meanings.infused with a connection to the Divine, and with love and care, based on our collaboration and discussions.
  • Two – three prototype blends mailed to you for feedback with no label or content information other than its number so I can get a pure reaction from you. Y
  • One round of tweaking of one blend based on your feedback; delivery of final blend for your approval.
  • 10 ml roller bottle with your bespoke aromatherapy blend, a card explaining the contents and healing properties of the blend, and the final recipe.

Signature scent creation fees

R&D process: $1,000
This fee includes your first 20 pieces

Additional options to be discussed during creative brief:

  • Production and packaging of the blends for your event. You will receive them by the agreed-to due date.
  • 2 oz. spray bottle of aromatherapy blend instead of the roller bottle.
  • Custom-made label branded for your event (you can also provide the label based on specs I give you).
  • Insert listing the essential oils and flower essences chosen for blend and why each was chosen, as well as usage guidelines. One copy provided with recipe; each bottle’s packaging will include the insert as well.
  • Packaging includes tissue paper and white cardboard box (we could also put the blend in a cloth bag).

Individual blends: Price per piece determined by cost of raw ingredients and packaging, you’ll receive my wholesale price. Price caps on per-piece cost can be discussed during our initial creative briefing. Price per piece includes glass roller bottle with stainless-steel roller ball, in either amber or blue glass. Also included per piece are either a gift bag or paper box for packaging, and an informational insert describing the contents and usage of the blend. Usual cost per piece is $12 – $15. Prices dependent on cost of materials, which can fluctuate based on availability.

Note: You own the recipe and can pour the blends yourself, if that is your wish.

Branded labels: Price for labels will be determined after the creative briefing, and will depend on quantity needed and other design factors.

Raw ingredients information

I source the most authentic, pure, and high-vibration essential oils and flower essences available from women-owned, sustainable-practice companies whenever possible.


Dori’s background

Each blend I create is informed by my 20+ years of practical experience and study in aromatherapy, flower essences, herbal care, energy work, and reflexology. I am intentional, deeply intuitive, and artful in my approach to each blend. I create with the highest good of the recipient in mind and heart.

  • Aromatherapy certification: 200 hours
  • Advanced Aromatherapy certification: 300 hours
  • Clinical Aromatherapy certification: 500 hours
  • Flower Essences certification: 100 hours
  • Reflexology certification: 100 hours
  • Advanced Reflexology certification: 250 hours
  • Basic Herbal Care certification: 200 hours
  • Reiki Level 2

Learn more about my approach to aromatherapy and my training. Please contact me with any questions.

VIDEO: Find out how essential oils anchor people to experiences, and learn how that can benefit your attendees and you! Video is 2 minutes long.

Get a Signature Scent for Your Next Event!

I’d love to hear more about your event and what you hope for your guests. Let’s create something memorable and magical that will stay with them long after the event is over.

Let's get started!