Best of 2010

Sure, anyone can put together a Best of 2010 in 2010. I chose1 instead to wait until three months into 2011 so that my list will be a nostalgic trip back in time, to those innocent, halcyon days of 2010 when gas was under $5 a gallon and Japan was geographically and architecturally intact2.

I’ve put these songs roughly in order of my love of them. Depending on the day and my mood all of these songs have held the top spot. Looking back, though, the ones I’ve put in spots one through seven (roughly) are my absolute faves of the year.

Song, band and live show of 2010 all go to The Joy Formidable. They had some tough competition especially for best live show3. I adore this band. They are amazing, put out a rock solid album, tore it up live, and are cute as buttons.

Without further ado, my Best of 2010.

In the coming days I’ll post lovingly about why each song made it here. For now, I hope you enjoy the music without the reasons why.


1 And by “chose” I mean “procrastinated the crap out of”
2 Mother Nature’s latest reminder that we are not in charge
3 Hats off to Hot Chip and Dandy Warhols particularly


  1. As I expected, this is an awesome list! I am fortunate that you weed through all the music and bring me the best at year’s end (or at least within the close of Q1 following said year). Love the listening widget, too.


    • Thanks, Amy! Thanks also for validating my “Q1 of following said year” approach. Not many people appreciate its understated charm.

  2. As always, I’m amazed at what i missed. Late but I had added Joelle a month or so back. Here’s a good live set of hers at sxsw.

    But the real point is that NYT names The Joy Formidable the breakout of sxsw this year. The coveat is that they put Surfer Blood in that spot last year and we’ve all been listening to TJG for a while now (thanks to you).

    Personally, I’m embracing couch by couchwest, more as a lifestyle than a musical choice:

  3. Couch by couchwest. Brilliant. As usual you’ve got your finger on the pulse. I’m happy TJF are getting some good press, though that means I’ll have to share them with the drunken, sweaty hordes when I see them live. That first show I saw back in November was so good, and the Bowery was only half full. It was bliss.


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