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Gentle Healing Through Aromatherapy:

The Alchemy of Essential Oils

Clinical Aromatherapist and Natural Fragrance Design

What are your heart’s deepest desires? Do you remember? As we move through our lives, we can lose touch, even forget, what it is that gives our lives purpose and delight. We become blind to the sacred beauty all around us, buried by commitments, busy-ness, and disappointments.

In my personal story of reconnection to the buried desires of my heart, aromatherapy and the transporting beauty of fragrance were the catalysts for reclaiming my life and happiness, and opening my heart to love. Now I hope to help others reawaken to the beauty found in and all around them, through the practice of aromatherapy, flower essences, and reflexology.

Our mission at the Blossom Bar is to provide people support in their pursuit of this love-connected life through the alchemy of essential oils and aromatherapy products. We also offer reflexology as another powerful way to ground, relax, and achieve your health and healing goals.

Price list for aromatherapy services in 2020

5 Day aromatherapy experience on anxiety

Learn more about this free virtual 5-Day Aromatherapy Experience


Custom Natural Perfumes VIP Experience

Bespoke aromatherapy-based fragrances with a healing aspect

Fragrance evokes memories of loves, places, and celebrations. Its ability to transport us across time makes it our most powerful ally in keeping our fondest memories close to us. The scents we wear, and those worn by the people near to our hearts, become unfailing anchors in our subconscious. Imagine having a unique fragrance, one designed for your specific tastes and personal style. A fragrance that comfortably creates intimacy around you, draws your loved ones closer, creates its own magic, and gently supports your healing.

I offer one-on-one VIP creation sessions where we explore your unique needs and develop a fragrance just for you. Gift yourself or a loved one with a unique fragrance that captures your spirit or anchors you to a special life event, all while encouraging healing for your body, mind, and spirit.

One-day sessions and year-long packages are available. This is my favorite way to work with clients, and one I hope to share with YOU!

Contact me for more details. You can also read about all the ways to work with me.


Chakra-Balancing Aromatherapy Blends

Transform hard times into powerful new beginnings with this essential oil tool kit

The 911 Essentials Emergency Tool Kit is designed to come to your aid during moments of crisis, and help you quickly stabilize, ground, and get back to business. These seven powerhouse aromatherapy blends each focus on one hard emotional or mental state, and support you in bringing forward its positive counterpart. Each supports gentle but powerful healing and harmony on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, and harmonizes the chakra most associated with that state. Learn more here.

All-natural signature scents for events, using essential oils and flower essences

Custom aromatherapy blends that create a sensory memory while supporting the well-being of your guests

Give your guests a memorable gift that transports and anchors them to the unique experience of you and your message. The signature scent is created specifically for your event, imbued with your personality, and tailored to the transformation or well-being effect you desire for your guests. Find out more

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“I love Blossom Bar aromatherapy products for myself and to give as a gift for their healing properties and because they always smell beautiful!”

M.B., New Jersey

Blossom Bar aromatherapy blends

Essential oils blends crafted with care

Our aromatherapy blends address your healing while delighting your senses.  Read more


About the Blossom Bar for custom aromatherapy blends

About the Blossom Bar

Our passion at the Blossom Bar is to help women reconnect with the source of their feminine power, wisdom, and joy through the gentle, sensual alchemy of essential oils. Read more

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