Blending Musically

Blending Musically

I struggle mightily with expressing my vision and approach to healing work in a way that adequately represents it. To me, essential oils are the essence of Nature’s beauty and spirit, and deeply associated with God’s love and care for us. My healing work with essential oils comes through me, from a place both inside and outside myself. There is a rhythm to my process and a strong connection inside me to what I can only describe as artful creation. One day I may be gifted with the best words to explain what my work means to me and how I feel while creating it.

Kandinsky to the rescue

Meanwhile, Wassily Kandinsky, in his 1914 book Concerning the Spiritual in Art, has found a way to express something that has helped me understand myself and the world. Isn’t it great how art and literature can do that? He writes about how different forms of art are getting closer to each other, closer to harmonizing and utilizing the strengths of one to augment the message in another. He is particulary focused on the powerful role of music in this merging.

With few exceptions music has been for some centuries the art which has devoted itself not to the reproduction of natural phenomena, but rather to the expression of the artist’s soul, in musical sound.1

He goes on to say that in order for this borrowing of method to succeed it must come from a place of internal, fundamental understanding of the borrowed form. The adoption of musical methods to painting in the late 1800s and early 1900s (the time period about which he writes) created “rhythm in painting, for mathematical, abstract construction, for repeated notes of color, for setting color in motion.”

Blending music and essential oils

I recognize my own approach and feeling toward creating essential oil blends in his description of music blending with painting. My soul is expressed in the blends I create for myself and others, and the rhythms of Nature and music are present in my methods. I would say I put myself in every blend I make, but that is not accurate. I channel (or “borrow” to use Kandinsky’s word) energy and healing from God through myself into the blends. Yet, because it comes through me, my unique artistic mark is on each one. My love of music, my fondness for flowers and sundresses, my devotion to helping other souls reconnect to their creativity, all of that is in my blends. For me, it’s a divine process, one that comes from within and without.

Kandinsky ends the chapter with this gem, in the footnotes: “The Stimmung (loosely translated from the German as “essence”) of nature can be imparted by every art, not, however, by imitation, but by the artistic divination of its inner spirit.”

The “inner spirit” of God’s gift of essential oils is what I strive to impart through my work.

1 From Wassily Kandinsky’s Concerning the Spiritual in Art, page 19.


  1. Breath taking and giving. Dori, I’m deeply impressed with your sacred honoring of the alchemy that’s at play here. Nature’s gift of grace to us in Her essential oils and how this flows through you so seamlessly like breath or blood or truly a soft harmony as your personal creative expression. I feel I’ve seen the heart of your soul, and am humbled and encouraged by your unique, dynamic, and most loving expression of rhythmic, pulsing art.
    What is offered here at The Blossom Bar is gift within gift, within gift, within gift . . .
    May we all walk so inspired and harmoniously aligned with our Truest creative Self.

    • I’m so grateful you’ve stopped by to visit my little home here! Thank you for your encouragement and kind, beautiful words. You are an artist with words as well as paint 🙂

  2. Dori…this is beautifully expressed & deeply shows how caring & loving you are!
    I’m so proud to be your Mom!
    Love you!

  3. I like your application of Kandinsky and the music analogy very much.Very insightful and well-articulated! It reminds me of something Theoretical Physicist, Michio Kaku, said. He has likened the mind of God to Cosmic Music.


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