EMA at Mercury Lounge June 20, 2011I caught an early (and very short – 45 minutes!) show by EMA at the Mercury Lounge a couple nights ago. It was my first live show in more than a month. I’m not including the Journey tribute band1 that played my town’s Family Night a couple weeks ago.

I was anticipating big things from EMA live after reading about the review her previous band (Gowns) got for their live show2, and I got pretty big things at the gig – including an EMA tote bag (thanks, H!). I had a feeling earlier that day that the coming night was going to bring some adventure, and since the show ended at 9p, we had plenty of time to find some.

We ended up at the bar where we had started a couple hours previously, my home away from home, Nurse Bettie. Our arrival happened to coincide with the arrival of that night’s entertainment: five burlesque dancers, each with her own colorful entourage. Adventure found! The most striking was the goth/dominatrix in full goth/dominatrix gear carrying black roses and wearing a slight, sorta creepy, goth man3 on her arm.

We had randomly and serendipitously caught the weekly burlesque show called “Spanking the LES” hosted by NYC darling Honi Harlow. The spanker’s name was Diety Delgado. But the best name of the night goes to a dancer named Stormy Leather. Rawr!

Thoroughly enjoyable show. Like many women, I find burlesque joyous and liberating. Watching a real woman with cellulite, curves in a few of the wrong places, and natural breasts celebrate her body with song, dance, spankings, and pasties is absolutely beautiful. Not to mention a load of fun.

What started out as a little tease of a show by EMA, ended as a series of teases by NYC burlesque dancers. Or as a guy I met at the bar summarized the night, “Only in New York, baby.”

EMA closed the show with California, best seen in video form.

1 called, I’m delighted to say, Separate Ways
2“Holy fucking fuck.” by the Village Voice
3 pretty sure


  1. That goth/dominatrix was the one and only “Lady Zombie” queen of the goth underground…

    • and on her arm was the one and only Fangmaster Ali of Ali’s Savage Traits..come back an time introduce your self an i will buy you a drink..and get you spanked if you like ..Honi Harlow

      • Thanks so much for filling in the details, Honi! Really enjoyed your show – will definitely be back, with more friends in tow. I’ll be sure to say hi. If I can find a spank-worthy outfit I just might get the full experience 🙂

  2. Thanks for the review, I am glad you liked my “Forest of the Black Roses” ensemble. *pointy grin*

    • Thanks for stopping by, Lady Zombie! Loved Forest of the Black Roses – so dramatic. Please tell me you’re a kindergarten teacher as your day job.

      • Researcher, actually – but the lines between my day life and night life and becoming progressively more blurred. LOL. 🙂


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