There are always flowers for those
who want to see them. 

– Matisse

About our products

All essential oils used by the Blossom Bar in our aromatherapy products are globally sourced from the native environment of the botanical whenever possible, and free of additives, synthetics, fillers, and extenders. When you buy Blossom Bar products you bring purity, balance, and craftsmanship to your life.

At the Blossom Bar we believe scent creates a sanctuary from the noise and distraction of our digital age. Scent has the power to transmute and transcend, and with therapeutic botanicals, to heal. Our aromatherapy blends are made with care in small batches, crafted with love and a deep hope that the recipient will be lifted in mind and spirit, and reconnected to their hearts and creativity. All blends are created with therapeutic grade essential oils.

In this day of mass-market, synthetic, sometimes toxic beauty products, our aromatherapeutic blends stand out as all natural, locally made, and custom blended creations that wrap the wearer in delicious scent while also assisting with well-being.  We augment the power of each blend by adding flower essences that complement and amplify its purpose.

About Dori Eldridge

I am a certified aromatherapist with 16 years of education in aromatherapy and clinical aromatherapy. I create custom, high-vibration aromatic fragrances using therapeutic-grade essential oils, paired with flower essences to create harmonious transformational support. I’ve worked with a diverse client base, from children and pregnant women to paraplegics and those suffering from depression. My focus is on educating my clients on how to achieve their health goals holistically, and assist them with living their best possible life.

About aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the study and practice of using the essential oils, or life force, of plants to assist the body in its healing process. Essential oils address healing on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Aromatherapy is a gentle, enjoyable method of helping yourself achieve your health goals. By understanding the chemical composition and natural healing properties of the essential oils, and how those work in tandem with your unique health history, a well-educated aromatherapist can create a blend to help you on your path to healing.