Reflexology with experienced reflexologist


One of the best healing gifts you can give yourself or someone you love is a reflexology session. Reflexology requires nothing of you but relaxation. All you remove is your shoes and socks. Feel stress, anxiety, and tension slip away as your reflexologist (me!) applies pressure to specific points on your feet, ankles, and lower leg to encourage the healing process in your entire body.

What happens during a reflexology session?

First session is 90 minutes, when we complete a thorough client intake before the session for the first 30 minutes followed by the reflexology session.

Sessions are 60 minutes and include an aromatherapy foot bath to start. You’ll recline in a special chair, and I’ll begin with a series of techniques designed for relaxation. I’ll then being systematically working on the reflex points on your feet, making notes as I go to share with you after our session. People often fall asleep! At the end of the session we spend some time discussing what I’ve found and talking about steps you can take for further healing.

Sessions are done in my home in relaxing space that allows you to fully disengage.

Cost $100 for 90-minute initial intake session.

Cost $75 for subsequent 60-minute reflexology session.

Availability is generally mornings and evenings Monday-Friday, and 8am-4pm Saturdays.

Travel fee of $20 added if you’d like to have me come to your home. Available within around 15 miles of Summit, NJ. Please contact me to discuss.

Reflexology packages available:

3 session pack (1 90-minute intake session and 2 60-minute sessions) = $225

5 session pack (1 90-minute intake session and 4 60-minute sessions) = $365